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Tuesday March 31st 2015

Keep Romance Alive By Saying These 5 Things

When men and women get comfortable in a relationship, they tend to take a lot of things for granted. Most of the time, they no longer go out on dates or whisper sweet nothings. That’s only natural. After all, real life isn’t a fairytale. It’s not possible for any normal couple to just stare into each other’s eyes and make mushy declarations all day long.

But you know that your relationship needs to be jump-started when you and your partner forget to ask each other caring questions or say the words that indicate respect. Here are the so-called usual things that you and your partner should keep saying to each other:

1. “How was your day?” Asking this question indicates that you are interested in what your partner has experienced during the day. It’s a great way to touch base with him or her after you’ve spent time apart. If he or she has had a good day, you can share his or her joy. If it’s been a bad day for your partner, then you can offer support or distraction.

2. “Take care.” You don’t have to be a poet to express your concern for your partner’s safety. These two words are enough to let him or her know that he or she is important to you.

3. “Please.” Saying this shows that you don’t just impose yourself on your partner. If you ask him or her to do something for you or to help you, you should not bark it out as a command. Keep in mind that your partner does things for you out of love. You should not treat him or her like a servant.

4. “Thank you!” Let your partner know that you appreciate his or her efforts to make things better for you. You don’t just show gratitude when you’re given a gift. Your partner’s simple gestures such as cooking your favorite meal or walking your dog should also be validated.

5. “Good morning”. Greetings reassure your partner’s that you are aware of his her presence even in the middle of a very busy day. If you forget to greet him or her, it’s as if you don’t really see him or her. That’s not exactly the kind of treatment that strengthens a relationship.

These ordinary words, when said with a whole lot of love, can do a lot for your relationship. They may not be as grand as the declarations made in romantic movies or novels, but they keep romance alive in the most realistic sense.

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