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Friday March 27th 2015

Healthy Foods Can Taste A Lot Better Than You ...

Everybody wants to include healthy food in their menu, but then the misconception that eating healthy food is akin to eating bland, tasteless food keeps many people away, even as they start commenting that its taste is something like sawdust.

Let us first of all understand that healthy foods need not be bland, since you can add a number of spices and herbs to your everyday food to make it healthy. These can add a lot of flavor without making the food unhealthy.

Let us not presume that as a lover of chocolate, you will get natural healthy foods also taste something like chocolate, but healthy food can taste much better than they taste at present, in fact healthy can taste better than your expectations.

When you want to improve nutrition to your body and would like healthy food to taste better, you should start cutting out fat and sugar as well as staying off refined food that contains sucrose.  Remember when you dismiss healthy food as tasting bad, the problem is usually with your taste buds, not with  food. Your taste buds have been habituated to rich sweet food, and this makes you resist less flavored food.  You should start adopting yourself to this situation by stopping eating unhealthy foods and substituting  more healthier ones.

Beginning to change your diet can make food appear to taste worse than it actually does.  For example, if you change from high fat milk to lower fat content milk, the latter will taste like water. But after a few days, your taste buds will find the new food good, and you will relish the low fat milk as much as you did high fat milk.  Eventually, you will start preferring the low fat milk to the higher fat content. The same can be said of any type of foods high in carbohydrate-content like pasta, rice, cereal and bread. Instead of eating refined products like white rice or white pasta, go for brown rice and whole grain bread or past.

As earlier noted, healthy food may not appear to taste as good to begin with, especially when you are used to refined everyday food, but this will change in course of time. Even different kinds of smells or textures can make you resist healthy food, but once your system starts adapting to new food, you will find that healthy food can taste better.

Trying to substitute more health food into your diet a little at a time isn’t really effective since when you are eating foods containing high quantities of sugar, the healthy items will make your food taste bad due to the addiction of the taste buds. To make healthy food taste better, you should get the taste buds back to normalcy by refraining from using lots of sugar. In other words, introduce as many healthy foods in to your diet as you can, as soon as you can.  Though this is easier to say than to actually do, switching from unhealthy food to healthy food is definitely worth the trouble.

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