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Wednesday April 1st 2015

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Move over traditional makeup, there is a new kind of makeup that is making waves in the fashion, film and cosmetics industries. It has been around for about three decades now and it is called mineral makeup. Buyers are becoming very savy with information. There is a beauty culture which is now coming into the fore and it is committed to better living. Mineral makeup is based on hypoallergenic loose powder which nourishes the skin naturally, unlike the conventional makeup products. Mineral makeup should not contain dyes, mineral oil, perfumes, talc, alcohol or preservatives. Dermatologists are pleased with it due to this reason. But you have to realize that not all Mineral Makeup is created equal! A lot of the brands in the mass market are adding cheap fillers to lower the price of their mineral brand.

Makeup artists feel that mineral makeup is the best product for the skin because:

1. It is actually good for your skin. A lot of women suffer from allergies, acne, clogged pores and dryness because their makeup is not compatible with their skin. Mineral makeup helps to take care of the skin while making it look beautiful.

2. You feel like you have nothing on your skin! Traditional makeup is usually heavier than mineral makeup and ends up feeling like a mask. Mineral makeup lays like a veil on your skin. Much lighter in texture and even when a large area is covered with it, the skin can breathe more easily.

A majority of women are now switching to mineral makeup rather than sticking with traditional makeup. Since the popularity of natural food, lifestyle and remedies has emerged quite recently, the popularity of mineral makeup is also increasing only recently even though the products has been around for some time now. Thus, there is an increasing variety of lipsticks, foundations, tonic, etc. which are available in all kinds of prices and quality groups in answer to the growing demand for them. Experiment with different ones until you find your match.

When mineral makeup is applied carefully and correctly, can help to relieve many dermatological conditions. The makeup cosmetic minerals are non-comedogenic and non-allergenic and since these products rarely have any artificial preservatives, additives, binders and fragrances, these products can be used by those women who have skin problems, especially those who are prone to allergies. However, these products have to be tested out by each woman as there are no lists of allergens.

Moreover, mineral foundation can be used as a remedy for different issues coming from the trials to combine the need for flawless makeup and the busy modern style of living. Mineral makeup lasts much longer than traditional makeup. The fine particles do not crumble and fizz in the creases in the skin. You can even sleep while having your makeup on, if you need to do so, because your skin will be able to breathe through the natural layer of foundation. Another advantage is that you will not need to correct it after working out at the gym.

Products which are made from earth minerals which are ground finely can be applied on the skin even after strong skin procedures such as laser or peeling, as many of the common ingredients have anti-inflammatory and anti-irritating properties. The more expensive combinations are also often thought to be cheaper options to spa treatments, available in one’s own bathroom.

Remember that you have to take certain things into consideration before you decide on a certain mineral makeup product. The sudden hype over mineral makeup often causes manufacturers to put a sticker saying ‘natural’ or ‘mineral’ on the product, as there is no law restricting such a kind of labeling. Thus, you should read the ingredients carefully before you buy the product.

So feel liberated , throw out your old traditional makeup and join the Mineral makeup movement! It is definitely worth trying out. Young women especially should try it because they can benefit from the natural healthy glow which mineral makeup foundation provides.

Hal Dahken has for the past fifteen years helped in the development of many health, beauty and consumer products. Many mineral makeups have many of the same harmful fillers as traditional makeups do. Make sure you purchase and use the ones that not only make you beautiful, but are the best for your skin. Mineral makeup cosmetics is gaining ground because of ease of use and because it is actually good for your skin. Visit to learn more about new mineral makeup products.

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