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Tuesday March 3rd 2015

What is an effective but healthy diet for a busy ...

Question by ^_^: What is an effective but healthy diet for a busy teenager?
I’m 17 years old, 5 foot 4 inches tall, and 175 pounds. I’m really busy with school and extracurricular activities, but I think that it’s time to make my health a priority. I understand that fitness/healthy living is a life style, and I’m not asking for a quick fix either. I just want to know: what is a good diet for me?

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Answer by gypsyute89
I think the best weight solution (especially for someone as busy as you!) is this; substitution. Before you reach for a bag of chips or hamburger try a Yoplait Yogurt instead. they are portable and delicious. Try granola, water or natural juice instead of soda, sandwiches instead of pizza. Excersice is great also if ytou have the time. Just whenever you eat something ask yourslef could I be eating something better? Also eat breakfast, it speeds the metabolism! Good luck and be patient!

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4 Comments for “ What is an effective but healthy diet for a busy ...”

  • G L says:

    A sure-fix?
    Remove processed sugars from your diet. Period.
    (ie., no sodas, candy, cereals(most), etc.)

    Second, reduce any/all white flour products.

    Third, manage the time of day you eat. (Do NOT eat past 8pm., no matter how hungry).

    Those three steps will greatly impact your diet and consquently your weight.

    Final and most important — manage calorie intake… even if just 5 less calories a day… manage it.

  • Emily says:

    I wouldn’t go on a diet, per se, because they are really hard to maintain. Something that I did was start carrying healthy snacks with me like a baggy of carrots or raisins so that you don’t end up eating junk food. If you never let yourself get really hungry you’ll be less likely to binge too. Also try eating on small plates; studies show that you eat less off a small plate.

    Also drink lots of water. Sometimes people eat when you’re just thirsty. Plus drinking water is really good for you. Try to avoid drinking soda or anythign w/ sugar or any calories in it. Diet soda, water and tea are your best bets.

    Another thing you can do is walk up as many flights of stairs as you can; take the long way when you walk places and so on. If you hang out with friends on the weekend try going hiking with them instead of going to a movie.

    I hope this helps!

  • heartbreak3incarnate says:

    on the weekends when you dont have school to worry about make it a priority to get out and do something. and in everyday life forget the shortcuts take the stairs! and cut down on the things you know you shouldnt be eating. you should find a buddy, someone to diet and exercise with you

  • Rachel says:

    Anything well-balanced. And the perseverance to wait till you get home to make something than stopping at a fast-food place.
    I don’t see the point of taking out important calories in your diet, it’s the empty ones you’ll want to watch out for. An empty calorie is one that is provided in food for enhancement or flavor, but has no important nutrients for your body and lead to fat-buildup and ultimately cardiovascular issues – the whole schpiel.
    I’m 17, 5’1 and 104 pounds (I’m just really short lol) But I’m not a twig, in fact I have a bit of pudge I’d like to get rid of. However, I’m not compromising the foods I love! Eat your pasta, and your steaks, and even a hamburger once in a while. Cook it yourself. You have the best control of what’s going in your body when you’re behind the cutting board. Stay away from pre-packaged foods that you make just to save time. You’ll be saving yourself more than time by slicing up some potatoes, throwing some olive oil & a little salt and pepper on them onto a baking sheet, and throwing them in the oven than eating frozen Oreida’s from the bag!
    As long as your meals have something from each corner of the food pyramid, and the calories that you intake are also good providers of nutrients (Example: some steaks are fatty; however, steak is a big provider of iron, so eat up!)
    Fish is possibly the most healthy food… Seafood, not so much. But why not? Have a little lobster, just take it in moderation. Don’t eat the same dinner twice in one week. If you don’t like to cook, ask your mom or whoever does the cook to vary it up a bit and try new things that she can make from scratch. 30 minute meals from Rachael Ray might help you out if you’re always on the go! Hope this helped!

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