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Monday March 30th 2015

Q&A: Healthy Diet?

Question by Jacob P: Healthy Diet?
I am a twenty year old college student who is not very active physically. I have lost any motivation to lose weight, I have horrible health conditions on besides of my family and I want to go on a healthy diet. If not a diet, then anything I can do to lose weight that is healthy and will help me out will be great. Any suggestions would be appreciated

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Answer by Cherry
Here’s a few diet habits that you could do.
I am inspired by the Japanese low rate of obesity and life longetivity.

Walk more often! Many Japanese don’t rely on their car or public cars to do their activities. They do a lot of walking and climbing stairs on their daily activities. Japanese also ride bicycle often, those are good ways to increase the calories output.

Don’t eat like a giant! You can start reducing your consumption, it may take sometime before your stomach is used to it.

Don’t eat until you are full! Eat until you are 80% full.

Consume more fish based foods rather than meat based products.

Eat slowly! Compare the eating speed of a person that uses chopstick versus a person that uses spoon and fork. The chopstick is carefully designed so that you will eat slowly to let your digestion process works effectively. So eat at slower pace no matter how hungry you are.

Make that a habit and combine your habits with healthy foods

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