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Wednesday April 1st 2015

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Outbreaks Signal Another Flu Season, CDC Says
FRIDAY, Dec. 3 (HealthDay News) — Although winter hasn't even arrived, the first signs of flu season have, US health officials said Friday. In fact, Georgia is seeing a sharp increase in influenza cases, mostly among school-aged
Health forecasters see a normal flu seasonPhiladelphia Inquirer

State officials urge people to get flu shotsChicago Tribune
1 in 3 Americans already got a flu shot this yearThe Associated Press
San Jose Mercury News -Gant Daily -White Mountain Independent
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Los Angeles Times
Panel Backs Broader Use Of Allergan Lap-Band
An additional 12 million obese Americans could soon qualify for surgery to implant Allergan Inc.'s small, flexible stomach band to help them lose weight by significantly limiting their food intake. Under existing federal guidelines, the Lap-Band has
Panel Votes to Expand Surgery for Less ObeseNew York Times

Lap-Band could be more widely availableWashington Post
FDA Panel Backs Wider Use of Obesity SurgeryWall Street Journal
BusinessWeek -ABC News -The Associated Press
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Genentech, Biogen Reveal Positive Phase III Study Of Rituxan – Quick FactsRTT News
Phase III study showed Rituxan/MabThera for initial use followed by continued
Business Wire (press release)
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Quitting smoking improves mood
Times of India
Conventional wisdom says many smokers use cigarettes to ease anxiety and depression. But a new study has shown that quitting makes people happier. In the new study, researchers tracked the symptoms of depression in people who were trying to quit and
Quitting Smoking Boosts Mood and Eases DepressioneMaxHealth

Why quitting smoking actually improves your mood, say scientistsDaily Mail
Study: Quitting Smoking Often Leads To Better
eFitnessNow -680 News -The Awl
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Invisible braces maker Invisalign gets warning letter from FDA
Los Angeles Times
Invisible braces sound perfect, especially if you're an adult trying to look and act your age. But the FDA says Invisalign, which makes one type of invisible braces, failed to report information on side-effects in patients. Here's the Associated Press
Invisalign 'Invisible Braces' Maker Gets FDA WarningWebMD

Health Buzz: FDA Warns Maker of Invisalign 'Invisible Braces'U.S. News & World Report
FDA issues warning to Invisalign makerSan Jose Mercury News -ThirdAge
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Press TV
New Blood Thinner May Help Fight Dangerous Leg Clots
SATURDAY, Dec. 4 (HealthDay News) — A new anti-clotting pill, rivaroxaban (Xarelto), may be an effective, convenient and safer treatment for patients coping with deep-vein thrombosis (DVT), a pair of new studies indicate.
Rivaroxaban reduced incidence of DVT, major bleeding riskHemOncToday

ASH: Oral Agent Beats Enoxaparin, May Aid Outpatient DVT TxMedPage Today
New anti-clotting drug more effectivePress TV
TheHeart.Org -PR Newswire (press release)
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Daily Mail
Miscarriage Linked to Broken Hearts
ABC News
Women with more than three spontaneous miscarriages were over five times more likely to suffer a heart attack later in life after adjusting for other factors, according to Dr. Elham Kharazmi of the
Multiple Miscarriages Linked to Heart Attack RiskCalorieLab Calorie Counter News

Miscarriage 'raises heart risk'BBC News
Study: Multiple Miscarriages May Raise the Risk of Heart AttackTIME
Medical News Today -BusinessWeek -CNN International
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